Garage Floor Coatings in New Jersey by The Concrete Facelift

The Concrete Facelift Co. is a trusted garage floor coatings contractor serving the New Jersey area. Specializing in full broadcast epoxy flake floors, metallic designer epoxy, garage floor painting. We are fully committed to providing warranted and professional installation of garage floor coating systems in NJ. We are most known for our 1 day garage floor installation and invite you to give us a call for a free estimate.

1 Day Garage Flake Epoxy Floors in NJ

We get it, you want your garage floor looking good and you want it done fast. Our 1 day garage floor system allows us to install a professional and warranted flake floor in one day. We dedicate an entire day to grinding and patching your floor to create the perfect bond. We then apply a thick layer of polyaspartic pigmented urethane to your garage floor and completely cover the entire floor in the colored paint flakes of your choice. After allowing it to cure for 1 to 2 hours, we then scrape off all excess paint flakes and vacuum excess flakes. We complete the installation by applying a high solids clear coating of UV resistant polyaspartic urethane. Your Floor will be ready for light traffic in 4 hours and can be moving your stuff back in your garage as soon as possible.

Metallic Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings Contractor

No true garage man cave renovation is complete without a stand out garage floor. Metallic epoxy floors are the ultimate in custom garage flooring options. Available in satin and high gloss finish, these metallic epoxy garage floors provide the ultimate strength, chemical resistance. There is no other floor like a metallic epoxy floor, it is an absolutely custom floor with natural swirling effects that produce a unique floor every time.

Garage Floor Painting In New Jersey

The Concrete Facelift Co is the premier choice in New Jersey for garage floor concrete painting. Don’t just get the job done; get it done right. We properly grind off all of the old concrete of the top of your garage floor. After exposing a fresh layer of concrete and repairing all of the cracks, we then begin the garage floor painting process. We install a primer to the garage floor for a┬áprofessional installation. We then finish the process by painting the epoxy floor with a two part industrial grade solid color epoxy. When it comes to garage floor painting in NJ. Rest assured The Concrete Facelift has you covered.