Make Your Workplace Stand Out

Make Your Workplace Stand Out

A commercial epoxy floor coating makes a great first impression in Bloomfield, NJ

Want to make your operation's interior safer and more aesthetically pleasing for your customers and employees? The Concrete Facelift, LLC has the perfect solution. A commercial epoxy floor coating is ideal for all kinds of businesses, including:

  • Mechanic shops
  • Hardware stores
  • Car washes
  • Hospitals
  • Restaurants

And more! So you think a commercial epoxy floor installation may be just the ticket for your business? Schedule an appointment today to install your commercial epoxy floor in Bloomfield, NJ.

We offer commercial flake and commercial epoxy floor paint services to meet the needs of your business

How can an commercial epoxy floor coating improve your business operation? That's easy. It's:

  • Affordable - installation is quick, saving you on labor costs
  • Beautiful - unique designs enhance the appearance of your facility
  • Safe - our floors are slip resistant to stop accidents in their tracks
  • Clean - sanitizing and cleaning this flooring surface is easy
  • Durable - get a floor coating that lasts for decades and protects your floors

Contact The Concrete Facelift today to get started on your commercial epoxy floor installation in or around Bloomfield, NJ.