3 Drawbacks Of Having A Garage That Is Larger Than Necessary

The garage is one of the home spaces that don't often get the credit it deserves.

It plays a primary role in protecting the family car from the harsh elements, the unforgiving weather, and from criminals who would like no better than to drive the car away.

For others, the garage can also be a personal space where they indulge in DIY hobbies such as woodworking and craft. It can also be a convenient area to store bulky items that just can't find a perfect spot indoors.

So it's not usual for a homeowner to want to upgrade and build a larger than life garage if it is possible. Or look for a new home that already has a large one already in place.

But while dramatically increasing the size of the garage to one that can technically fit two or three vehicles inside, there are some big drawbacks to ponder over before making that thought a reality.

1) More maintenance

It should go without saying that the bigger a living space, the more areas and hard to reach corners which has to be cleaned.

Even though the garage is one area of the property that we can do away with less housekeeping, maintenance is still a task to undertake unless you are fine with dust and pests invading this part of your living space.

Bigger spaces mean more sweeping, more mopping, more decluttering, more time and commitment, etc.

Unless you have a housekeeper who would be taking on all these tedious tasks, the chances are that you would be the one who would be doing it.

2) Resale value

Having a large garage does not necessarily mean a lower home value by default.

In fact, various types of garage upgrades are known to increase the value in a house. Which can be a tidy incentive should you want to sell the house in future.

But the thing with large garages is that most homeowners don't think that they are essential for a house. All that is necessary is one that can fit a car.

Then there are those who find that it conflicts with good feng shui.

So the market of prospective buyers can shrink considerably.

The smaller buyers market can imply a downward pressure on your asking price.

You can argue that buyers could remodel it if they want. But many might not want to spend that kind of money on a space which they don't perceive as essential living space.

3) Risk of accidents

If you are considering a big size upgrade to the garage, the odds are that you would be parking at least another vehicle in it.

Most homeowners might not admit it. But a lot of minor accidents like scratches and dents actually occur at home rather than outside.

An additional vehicle in a compact space only increase the risks of accidents. What an irony it would be to have your car damaged in the very place that is supposed to protect it!

And if there are kids at home, there is always a risk that they might find the open empty spaces a fun place to play in. That can be a big safety hazard.

Finally, it must be said that a large garage does come with a lot of benefits. And for obvious reasons, it's best to install a secure door and proper flooring to reduce security and safety risks.